Tuesday 26 August 2014

August Favourites!

August Favourites

My first official post! As exciting as it is nerve-racking, I am excited to share my August favourites with you.
Some of these products I use every day and others I use occasionally. They are all on my top overall favourites from my make up hoard, but these eight are my top favourites for the final month of summer. Hope you enjoy!

Disclaimer: All images are my own. If you'd like to use any of them please contact me for permission. You can find my email in the contact bar above. All products bought with my own money and I am not endorsed. 

1. Simple Kind To Skin Exfoliating Facial Wipes

I'm loving these wipes! On days where I can't be bothered to do my usual routine of washing my face with Peaches and Clean then moisturising with Cocoa butter from Avon, I use these wipes. The magical thing about them (well it's magical to me) one side has tiny beads that you can exfoliate with before swapping to the other smooth side, to finish up cleaning. These are perfect for removing little or no make up and they're gentle on skin but have also improved protecting my face from little spot demons!

Overall I will definitely be buying this product again!

You can find the product here:
2. Peaches and Clean - Soap & Glory

A staple product in my daily routine! This stuff is brilliant and it does exactly what it says. It really does 'melt away make up' as I use it all the time to take off any foundation, powder or concealer. It's very creamy and smells amazing, as all of their products do. This is one of the things that make me happy to get up in the morning, as it makes my skin feel so soft, clean and smell great. 

I think they have recently repackaged this product, as I spent around 10 minutes hunting it down in Boots to replace this one, which has almost ran out! It's now in a smaller, clear bottle but there is still the same amount which is brilliant. However, the packaging has changed what the product itself says! The newest one claims it is '3-in-1 wash- off' whereas the older one claimed to have '4-in-1'! It seems they have gotten ridden of the 'Poreshrink R2' which I admit never did much to my face anyway!

You can find this product here:
3. Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer
      (In the tone Medium)

 For starters, I got this in a collection sold by Sephora which was a 'Back to school' testers bag. I got this when I was over in America at the start of August.

I LOVE this product! Not only does it create a lovely contour and blends really easily, but it also smells AMAZING. I never thought it could smell so alike to chocolate!!

The packaging is also utterly adorable. It's in a small but sturdy black plastic, with swirls and dots decorating the the circumference of the bronzer. The gold italic writing in the middle just seal the deal in my love for this product!

However, I believe this packaging is only for this small tester [I could be mistaken] as the normal sized bronzer is a baby pink packaging.

You can find it here:                                                                                                                                https://www.toofaced.com/p/bronzers/chocolate-soleil/

4. They're Real! Mascara - Benefit

This is also another tester I got in the 'Back to School' pack from Sephora.

I had heard great things about this product and I was excited to finally be able to try it out without spending the full price for the bigger product. I really like this product. I'm not the type to put layers upon layers of mascara on my lashes, but I like a bit of volume to accentuate my eyeliner.

Overall, I will probably stick to drugstore bought make up as they are a lot cheaper. But it was great to have a try!

5. Brow Kit Shape & Define - Barry M

I recently got this for my unruly brows and it's part of my everyday routine now! Whether I wear any foundation or not; I always have to do my eyebrows!

The wax itself is really nice and is slightly pigmented unlike a lot of other drugstore ones I've seen, which is great if I don't want to go too heavy with the powder as the powder is very dark.

I also love the 'highlighter' but really it doesn't exactly highlight my brow bone, but works really well as a 
concealer. I get a lot of blue veins on my eyelids, and this does the trick covering them up without too much product damaging the naturally delicate skin.

Overall I love this product, but I don't think the wax lasts all day but creates a great look for a few hours.


6. Ceramide Ultra Lipstick in Tulip - Elizabeth Arden

 This lipstick is one of my favourites, as most Elizabeth Arden lipsticks are. Albeit pricey, they have great pigmentation and last for hours without needing to reapply. They also sometimes act as a lip stain, which can be annoying at the same time as it being great.

This colour is 'Tulip' and is a sort of pink rouge, with tiny fleck of shimmer in which make is a smooth, gliding lipstick. I love this colour on days that I don't want anything too dark on my lips, but I want a burst of colour to level my always dark eye make up.

It's just such a great colour for not seeming too extravagant!

7. Prep + Prime BB Cream - MAC
        (In shade Extra Light)

 Maaaannny pictures. Mainly because the packaging is just so gorgeous on this I couldn't resist showing it off.

I bought this BB cream after a recent trip (mentioned above) to America. I wear this on days I don't fancy caking on foundation and primer and etc etc.

It's very light and the coverage isn't amazing if you have a lot of troublesome areas. I mainly have discolouration and this product is okay for that with a bit of powder to hold it in place.

It goes on very nicely, but I highly recommend using a foundation brush! I tried using a sponge with this and it does just not work. I also have very dry skin, so applying with a sponge just makes my life so much more difficult. 

 I really like this product for it being very lightweight and it matches my skin tone perfectly (Extra Light), and covers most red patches. However, if I want apply any bronzer or highlighter etc I find it rather difficult as this product is not easily blended.

I also find I use a lot of it, every time I come to use it, as it's cream to powder type kind of BB cream, so it dries very quickly.

It doesn't dry out my skin though and I haven't had any breakouts from it. The packaging is just beautiful
and I would buy it again!

You can find it here:  http://www.maccosmetics.co.uk/product/shaded/160/22075/Products/Face/Primer/Prep-Prime-BB-Beauty-Balm-Compact-SPF-30/index.tmpl
8. Super Liner Black Lacquer - L'oreal Paris

Final product!

This is one of my favourite liquid eyeliners, as the wand is so precise and although it doesn't seem like it, it lasts for ages!

There is a good amount of product on the tip, whenever it is dipped in, which is perfect for me as I don't have to worry about constantly replenishing it when perfecting cat eye wings.

The only thing I don't like about the product is that the handle, wand, whatever you'd like to call it, is huge compared to the bottle of actual eyeliner. This leads me to think it will run out surprisingly quickly but it lasts me as I prefer thin winged eyeliner as opposed to thick.

I've already bought this twice and I will most likely buy it again when I run out. However, I have recently found a few other eyeliners that hugely rival this long time favourite.

But I shall leave those compare notes to another blog.


Thank you for reading! Who knows if you even made it this far, but if so THANK YOU (:

Something Borrowed <3

Wednesday 20 August 2014

My first hello!

Welcome to Something Borrowed!

This is my first blog that is mainly focused around fashion and makeup, but has a dash of 'weekly favourites' ranging from favourite books to addictive songs!

My friend,
http://jennieelouisee.blogspot.co.uk/ (check her out!), convinced me to start blogging after talking her ear off about new makeup products that come my way.

I hope to meet lots of similar minded people and can't wait to share my thoughts and views with you!

Hope to see you soon!

Lauren (: